CSQ - Consultation Satisfaction Questionnaire
Frequently asked questions


How do we order a survey?

To order simply click the 'Register and get an instant quote now' button on our web site, fill in your details and an quote will be sent to you instantly. You then have the option to order on the quote. You can also contact us by phone 01489 576222 or email CSQ@patientdynamics.co.uk to place an order, and we send an invoice with the survey kit.


What are the payment options?

We send an invoice with the survey kit. Our payment options are BACS or Cheque.


How long before we receive our survey pack?

After placing an order with us, it takes 1-2 days for you to receive the survey/s.


Who do you send the questionnaires to - do you ask that a GP nominate a colleague to act as an administrator?

We send the questionnaires to the surgery addressing the package to the contact person who has placed the order. Usually it's the practice manager but sometimes it's the main doctor at the surgery who orders.

The questionnaires are completed in the surgery and placed into a ballot box at reception. We recommend your reception / practice manager oversees the completion of the questionnaires and then returns them to us once finished. Your surgery can certainly nominate a person to manage the survey if preferred.


How long do we have to complete our survey?

With each survey kit we send, we include a letter for you to confirm you have received the survey, and to inform us of the estimated completion date. This letter should be returned to us in the 2nd class envelope provided. On receiving the letters, we make note of your completion date on our database so that we can track your progress and send a helpful reminder if necessary.


How do you know which survey belongs to which doctor?

Each pad of 50 questionnaires has a number reference which is allocated to an individual GP. Any online responses would be matched to each doctor in a similar way.


Can our patients complete the survey online, and if so where?

The website where patients can complete the survey online is detailed on the front page of each questionnaire. The website will ask the patient to enter the code at the bottom of the form when using the online service.


What is the minimum number of responses you need before you will produce a report?

We generally recommend completing around 30-40 responses for statistical validity, however we can produce a report on lower responses.

If a doctor requires an additional pad to achieve more responses, the cost is £15 + VAT per pad (see pricing below).


What is the normal timeframe between us sending our completed questionnaires by post and you producing the report?

On receiving the questionnaires, it usually takes 2-3 weeks in our busy time (which is from January until the end of March) for the customer to receive the report/s. It takes around 1-2 weeks for us to process them from April - June which is when the surveys are just starting up again for the new survey year.


How do you send out the report?

We email the reports to the contact email address that we were given at the time when the order was placed. The report is supplied in a PDF format.


Is there a helpline number for doctors and patients?

01489 576222 is the correct number to contact us on.


What is the cost?

Prices start from:
£75 plus VAT and P+P for a CSQ survey containing 50 questionnaires (1 pad).
£90 plus VAT and P+P for a CSQ survey containing 100 questionnaires (2 pads).
If there are several GPs taking part from the same practice, they can also have a Combined Report (optional) which is an additional £65 before VAT.
The surgery will receive good discounts if they order for all their GPs from the same practice at the same time.
If any of the doctors require an additional pad to achieve more responses, it will cost £15 + VAT per pad.


How can we get in touch?

Our contact details are:
53 Collingworth Rise, Park Gate,
SO31 1DD
01489 576222